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My art is about capturing beauty, pure and simple.  I've been painting for about 30 years, and am self-taught. I mostly make use of acrylics as a medium, painting on canvas board or box canvases.  Sometimes I work with watercolours.  I specialise in figurative realism, but also paint landscapes and wildlife scenes.

My speciality is creating a shallow depth of field effect on canvas.  This creates depth to the painting by varying the degree of focus throughout the painting.  This technique works well for portraits, and certain types of still-life.  I also enjoy working with quite strong colours, which is ideal with acrylic as a medium.

My portraits often feature models from around the world, who kindly give me permission to create elegant paintings based upon images from their modelling portfolios.  My thanks go to the many friends I have made through these projects, as well as to the professional photographers I have collaborated with.

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The Royal Family Painted by Andy Lloyd


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