Darker Stars: 

New Evidence - The Scope of Our Growing Solar System, Planet X, Invisible Planetoids, Gas Giants, Comets, Planet Nine, and More…



by Andy Lloyd




Author and researcher Andy Lloyd returns to non-fiction with this popular science book about Planet X and the mysteries of the outer solar system.

"Darker Stars explores the often contentious subject of Planet X. Building upon the historically hot-and-cold hunt for an additional planet in our solar system, the author examines the recent resurgence of scientific interest in this subject, in the re-branded form of Planet Nine. The elusive nature of this object provides the impetus for a hypothesis about planet building in interstellar space, and associated phenomena. In particular, free-floating planetary mass objects and sub-brown dwarfs exemplify the anomalous new characters shaking the foundation of the classic star/planet boundary.

"Our solar system, too, is full of anomalies, strongly implying the presence of another massive planetary body. As our understanding of dark bodies in interstellar space builds, the author argues whether the existence of Planet X-type bodies should now be considered the new norm. With over 100 images and sources, approximately 500 references, and an extensive index, Darker Stars provides a robust and scientifically-based study of the re-fashioned outer solar system."

The book is 376 pages long, and is published by Timeless Voyager Press in a 6"x9" paperback format, available through Amazon.  There is a vast amount of information about the mysteries of the outer solar system within the book.  'Darker Stars' brings together years of Dark Star blogs, updated with up-to-date material, and then completely re-written into a comprehensive and fully-referenced non-fiction book:

Chapter 1        The Incomplete Solar System

Chapter 2        The History of Planet X

Chapter 3        Sub-Brown Dwarfs in the Infrared

Chapter 4        The Extended Scattered Disk

Chapter 5        Re-Branding Planets

Chapter 6        The Hunt for Planet Nine

Chapter 7        Arguments Against Planet Nine

Chapter 8        Planet Nine and the Nice Model

Chapter 9        Further Planet X Evidence Among The Minor Bodies

Chapter 10      The Origins of Planet X

Chapter 11      Building Planets in Interstellar Space

Chapter 12      The Shroud Hypothesis

Chapter 13      An Abundance of Dark Stars

Chapter 14      ‘Oumuamua

Chapter 15      Jovian Mysteries

Chapter 16      Puzzling Pluto

Chapter 17      Meandering Mars

Chapter 18      Water World

Chapter 19      Moon Mysteries

Chapter 20      Comets and Asteroids

Chapter 21      Nibiru

Chapter 22      The Dark Star Revisited


Timeless Voyager Press, 2018

ISBN 978-1892264558





"Long before astronomers at Caltech postulated Planet 9, and before the discoveries of planetoids like Sedna, Ceres and Eris, Andy Lloyd led the way with his Dark Star theory. "Darker Stars..." -- a culmination of astronomical developments pointing to an object shepherding those planetoids mentioned above -- is a well researched book that picks up where Lloyd's original 2005 non-fiction book "Dark Star - The Planet X Evidence" left off.

"Andy takes the gobbledygook talk of scientists and makes it easy to read about the subject whether you are an armchair astronomer like me or just an avid reader with an open mind. The book is packed full of references, images and illustrations. It is also a must-read for anyone who is interested anomalous subjects such as ancient aliens, Nibiru and the works of Zecharia Sitchin, and how those dots may be connected to what we are learning about the solar system today.

"Although the author has taken his fair share of criticism from both the scientific community and some Sitchinites, his theory is cogent and it explains many real solar system anomalies which can only be related to another as of yet undiscovered object "out there."  I highly recommend this book, which I can say with confidence is a one-of-a-kind good read!"

--Lee Covino, Staten Island, New York

"Andy Lloyd has ventured into those areas of cosmic research where new hypothesis and theories germinate and blossom into future scientific fact. Andy was exploring these possibilities over a decade ago, and he has done the research quiet efficiently with the fertilizer of astute and creditable references.
"If you haven't ventured, or are a student of our cosmic future involving invisible planets, Planet X, and possible habitable planets in our galaxy now recognized by established science, then you need this book."

Amazon Customer


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'Dark Star' also available directly from its publisher:

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Signed and dedicated copies of the book can be obtained directly from the author, Andy Lloyd, who is based in England. 

Please e-mail Andy Lloyd for further details at andy-lloyd@hotmail.com