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Planet X Before and After 2012


Planet X Video and 'Waiting for the Apocalypse'


Planet X in 2003 (Not!), and the strange case of Valery Uvarov


Western Daily Press 'Dark Star' Article


The Dark Star and Alchemy (ds19)


Aphelion in 1881and Freemasonry (ds20)


The Red King and the Rubedo (ds21)


The Dark Satellite


'The Lord of the Rings' Symbolism


The Kundalini Serpent


Nibiru at Chartres Cathedral, France


The Rosy Cross


The Grateful Dead's "Dark Star"


Dark Star Alchemy 1


Dark Star Alchemy 2


The Star and the Phoenix (ds6)


The Duat and Nibiru's perihelion (ds7)


Nibiru and the 'Red' Sirius Anomaly (ds8)


The Hebrew Messianic Myth (ds14)


Nibiru and the Dead Sea Scrolls


'Dark Star' in Bible Code!


The Talisman of Orpheus (ds9)


Nibiruan symbols (ds17)


Nibiruan Amulets from Roman Era (ds18)


The Meaning of the Amulets (ds18a)


Roman Antiquities


Roman Antiquities 2


British Museum Evidence


The Original Dark Star Theory Paper (ds1)


Attaining Immortality & the Pyramids (ds10)


Pagan and Christian Astral Ascent.  The Second Coming (ds11)


The Nommo Star.  Origin of the Anunnaki (ds12)


The Book of Revelation (ds15)


The Timing of Nibiru (ds16)


The 'True Sun' of the Incas Part 1


The 'True Sun' of the Incas Part 2


Myths and Symbols




Moon Hoax, and Harry Truman's Diary


Columbia and the BAe Bail-out


Harry Potter and the Tale of Gloucester


Obituary: Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton


Mexican UFOs: Article by Andy Lloyd


The Plymouth UFO


Gloucestershire UFOs


Ground marks in South Wales


'Starchild' A Painting by Andy Lloyd




'The Nefilim' Synopsis by Monika Myers


Mrs DarkStar's Xmas Message


Sagittarius and the S.P.T.


Doctor Who


The Tale of Mrs DarkStar and Premier Parking


"The Scientist’s Search for the Soul"  An essay by Simon Ralli Robinson


A Vision of the Dark Star


Dark Star Notes from "The Master Game"


The Disunion Jack


Ghost Hunts In Gloucestershire Index


Andy's House and Other Haunted Places


Gloucester Ghosts


Gloucester Ghosts 2


Gloucester Ghosts 3


Gloster Orbs


A Haunting in Westgate Street


The Ruffet


Tewkesbury Battle


Tewkesbury Ghost


Tewkesbury Orbs


The Farmhouse


Haunted Hollybush


Hartpury Orbs


Hallowee'en Ghost Hunt Photos


Ghostly Encounter in Winchcombe 1


Ghostly Encounter in Winchcombe 2


Prestbury Ghosts-hunt 2006


Prestbury Ghosts: Live


For Whom the Bell Tolls


Readers' Orbs


Readers' Orbs 2


Readers' Orbs 3


Readers' Orbs 4


The Ghost of Rowton Castle


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