Ezekiel One


by Andy Lloyd

Timeless Voyager Press, 2009

ISBN-10: 1892264250


'Ezekiel One' is my debut 'Dark Star' novel.  I've often wondered what the Anunnaki, or Nephilim, would do if they were still living among us on Earth.  Would they seek power?  Would they want to return to Nibiru?  Would they want their fellow Anunnaki to return to Earth?  How would we humans, now the dominant species on the planet, react to the discovery of the living gods among us, or to the discovery of the Dark Star?

These questions are not easily answered, but create the context for lively speculation.  I have chosen to pursue that speculation in the form of fiction.  'Ezekiel One' is a fast-moving psychological thriller.  It traces the attempt by a London newspaper journalist to uncover a huge NASA conspiracy.  He is up against dark, unseen forces which move in the shadows around him.  The action comes to a head in the latter months of 2012, when there is civil unrest and angst generated by the impending End of the Mayan Age.

'Ezekiel One' is a science fiction conspiracy thriller full of political intrigue and hard-headed action.  Parts of the story have already come true, particularly regarding the takeover of the London Evening Standard by Alexander Lebedev.  This bizarre coincidence has been reported in local and national papers in England

The book is the first in a Dark Star Trilogy of novels.  Its sequel, 'The Followers of Horus', explores the Anunnaki's clandestine plan to return to the Dark Star system.  It describes the desperate plight of the humans who get in the way of the Gods as they once again attain power over Men. 

'The Followers of Horus' is also now available.



Readers' comments about 'Ezekiel One'

"Andy has now put his knowledge and insights to work creating very readable fiction that I have to say, after reading his first book, "Ezekiel One", comes very close to a very possible truth... that some may find too close for comfort. And yes, he has had some "interest from Hollywood" already and he is just now about to publish his second book in the proposed trilogy, called "The Followers of Horus". Needless to say, I will be first in line to read it when it is released."  Kerry Lynn Cassidy, Project Camelot

"To describe "Ezekiel One" simply as a thriller doesn't really do it the justice it deserves. Ostensibly we are taken on a journey of discovery, to unravel what appears to be an ever-deepening conspiracy; however, the search for the truth soon becomes clouded by the paranoid fears (or are they?) of Bill Bainbridge, a restaurant critic who finds himself in the role of investigative-journalist as we are propelled into this coruscating and intelligent story.  On one level, the novel's complex plot twists and turns in gut-wrenching directions, with a casual attention to detail, its fast-pace and natural dialogue reflects the depth and intensity of its main characters. On another level, this journey may be more important that its destination, as Lloyd uses this seemingly fictional account to bring his Planet-X ideas to a wider audience; which he achieves in a fascinating and thought-provoking way." Paul Wood, Gloucestershire

"This first novel by Andy Lloyd is a brilliant opening into the genre of World shattering conspiracy thrillers. He take the ideas from his Non - fiction theories and develops them into a well paced thriller, which twists and turns through revelation after revelation, pulling the reader deeper into the plot. The last three chapters take it to a level that is unexpected and the book is 'un-put-downable' at this point. A great deal of research has obviously gone into the book. The science is explained in layman's terms and easily followed.  Just to hint at what this novel explores.. A New Hidden planet, an Ancient Mayan calendar, a secret world government, hidden spacecraft and enough action and puzzle solving to put him into the same category as Dan Brown. This is the first of a trilogy and I can't wait for the next instalment.  Buy it." Simon Faulkner, Worcestershire

"This book felt to me like the first fifteen minutes of a major movie. Build up the characters while slowing revealing the plot that of course leaves one hanging wondering what happens next to a whole new set of characters at the end. To me Ezekiel One is the prelude to a much bigger story, hopefully I will be right when Andy Lloyd completes the sequel. That being said, I completely enjoyed this book mostly due to my interest in the Anunnaki or the Nephilim of Sumeria, which Andy has written about on his website and his first book, The Dark Star. Ezekiel One, in my opinion, is his attempt to bridge a gap between Myth and a possible truth. Ezekiel One in my opinion is for those readers who enjoy Zecharia Sitchin's books or who has followed Andy's website as I have. I think that Andy has written his book in such a way that a reader could enjoy a good book without any knowledge of our mysterious past. I will be waiting patiently for the sequel. I would purchase any book that Andy Lloyd writes." Gene Metz (review on Barnes and Noble) 

"“Ezekiel One” is terrific!  Andy Lloyd is an interesting thinker and writes a very good book. Written in a novel format, “Ezekiel One” allows Andy to explore some most intriguing theories and concepts on Planet X and the “Ezekiel One” conspiratorial plan, which are certainly very thought provoking. Andy raises some most interesting points, such as the powerful elites in the world and the use of the controlled media to fashion public opinion. Andy Lloyd’s book also causes us to wonder where all of the public dollars really do go. The book makes us think and wonder. A must read for those interested in the Planet X phenomenon and how governments may really be secretly responding to it."  Pete Peters, California

"I believe that this is Andy's first Novel and boy what a Novel.  Think Arthur C Clarke's (2001) scientific imaginings meets Dan Brown's (Da Vinci Code) plot twists and intrigue set in a Colin Dexter (Inspector Morse) world of London and Oxford and you get somewhere close to describing this book.  Andy has taken an out-there set of ideas and managed to weave them into a very entertaining and accessible yarn with excellent characterization, terrific descriptive prose and above all a jolly interesting and compelling plot - a real page turner.  I loved it - can't wait for book two." Daniel Edsall, Arkansas

"Being the busy family and working guy that I am, it is hard to find time to read a book. Once I found out that Andy Lloyd had written another book, I just had to order it and make time to read it. I am so glad I did!  Ezekiel One is like no other book out there. Andy does such a great job of paying attention to detail and eloquently describing the various scenes that it made me feel like I was actually there.  Ezekiel One will take you on a unique adventure full of twists and turns, and at some points will have you on the edge of your seat! The ending is simply mind-bending. You will not be disappointed!   I am looking forward to the next book Andy writes." Tony Mitts, Nevada

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book - it's a fast-paced detective thriller, and I got through it in a couple of days. My partner recommended it to me, as he's a big fan of the author's first, fact-based book about the possibility of life on other planets (Dark Star). I'm more of a fiction lover, so Ezekiel One was much more my kind of thing. The story kicks off straight away, and makes it easy for anyone to get into - it's a real page-turner. And it contains enough snippets about NASA and conspiracy theories to make you want to read Dark Star. The descriptive language and the locations really set a dark scene - quite Da Vinci Code-esque. I hope he does a sequel! Definitely recommended for anyone who loves getting lost in a good story." Caz Halford, Cheshire

"One word, Outstanding!!!   Having read half of "Ezekiel One" in one sitting, I waited two days before getting back to the book simply because I did not want the story to end!!!   If you like non conventional intrigue and suspense this book is for you.  I will say being a study of the works of Zecharia Sitchin, made the storyline come alive. A must read...!!!" Tom Murdic, Tennessee, USA

"I loved it!"  Pete Scott, Worcestershire, UK

"WOW! This is no small first step into fiction, but a giant leap towards a successful thriller writing career in this genre and possibly others connected to it by this new author. Other reviewers below are accurate in their sentiments and assessments so I will not waste time with repetition. There is ample material here for a sequel or a movie, which accordingly to an interview I saw on Youtube by the author is a possibility. I wish I had heard about this book when it was first published, as it answers through its use of facts, many of the aspects of several upcoming events, potential and real as well as some events in the Old Testament. At 205 pages it was for me quite a quick read and I was sorry when it ended. I finished reading it on the very day that the new NASA HTV-2 Falcon hypersonic mach 20 space plane disappeared, and write this on the day that the secret NASA X-37B was spotted by amateur skywatchers!   Will order other books by this author." Foxtrot Lima", Egypt

"Congratulations, Andy. The info about Nibiru and related is very well put, and I feel you even became more accurate than Sitchin. Your style is quite addictive."  Carlos, Bolivia

Having finished "Ezekiel One", (couldn't put it down) I was wondering, is it possible to pre-order "The Followers Of Horus"? Nigel Fowler, Kent

"In Ezekiel One, Andy Lloyd masterfully blends his "Dark Star Theory" with a brilliant, real-time plot set in the backdrop of 2012.  Planet X fans will be riveted to their seats, as fast-moving developments take them along with our intrepid reporter, Bill Bainbridge of the Daily Standard -- toward uncharted waters affecting all citizens of the planet Earth. Ezekiel One has all the necessary ingredients to bring readers from the civilization of today, back to the prophecies of the Mayans, and again into the near-future.  Whether you are an anomalist, or an X-Files fan, or just an inquisitive recreational reader, Ezekiel One is bound to satisfy!!!"  Lee Covino, Volunteer Editor, Staten Island, New York, USA  


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